Can we afford to lose the Affordable Care Act??

Health and quality of life are essential to the success of a nation. Dr. Francis S. Collins (Director of the National Institutes of Health) has spoken of how improving a nation’s health can boost economic growth. The World Bank has published an evidence supported theory that 50% of the difference in economic growth between developing and developed nations is attributable to poorer health outcomes and lower life expectancy in the developing nations.
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The, highly respected, OECD Observer, has noted that health of citizens and the success of the economy go hand-in-hand. In fact, they state that “health performance and economic performance are interlinked” and “wealthier countries have healthier populations.” Moreover, countries with poorer healthcare frameworks and support structures for their citizens struggle to achieve sustained growth. What wealthy and well-insured Americans must realize is that lack of access to care of the lower income groups is a problem for everyone. In this sense, the Affordable Care Act can be considered a step in the right direction.ACA in Texas.jpgsource:

There is already tremendous pressure on the US healthcare system as America ages. My alma mater has published a report on aging and cites concern about adequate healthcare and housing for the expected older population. There will be more non-workers needing support from the working population. Additional pressure is going to fall on Medicare and the intertwined healthcare and economic future of the United States could be unfavorable without prudent leadership.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has improved access to millions of Americans and the work is not complete yet – the ACA is a dynamic regulation and must evolve and change as needed. One basic example is that adult oral health was mandated to be offered but not mandated to be taken like medical insurance is. This can result in conflicting activity like treating diabetes without caring for periodontal disease even though one worsens the other and vice versa. It is critically that the new government does not eliminate the ACA but works to diligently improve it.

There is a major problem whenever someone in this nation cannot access healthcare; workers can’t got to work; children can’t go to school and teachers can’t teach. There is an exponentially negative impact on the entire United States and failing to consider the poorest citizens will have terrible consequences for the entire nation. When unskilled workers cannot access healthcare and miss days of work the efficiency of their employer is impacted. The new President of these United States must improve access to healthcare for all Americans, not worsen it!